Mastery Expert Distance

Mastery Expert Distance


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Don’t let the name fool you. This is an amazing trout fly line masquerading as a competition line. Designed with an extra-long head and rear taper, the Mastery Expert Distance is excellent in the wind, provides smooth distance casting, and lets you throw mends you didn’t think were even possible. Sure, you can win a casting competition with it, but isn’t it more fun to catch fish?
• Extra-long head and tapers for long-distance casting • Compound head design ensures strong turnover at distance • Available in orange competition color with extended length (120’) • For moderate climates • Ideal line for IFFF casting certification • Braided multifilament core • SA MS ED WF X F (X = line weight)

Additional information

Grain Weight

140gr/9,1g, 160gr/10,4g, 185gr/12,0g, 210gr/13,6g

Head Length

68.5'/20,9m, 70.5'/21,5m, 72.5'/22,1m, 74.5'/22,7m

Line Weight

WF-5-F, WF-6-F, WF-7-F, WF-8-F

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