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Mastery Saltwater


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If you had to choose one saltwater fly line for a variety of situations and species, the Mastery Saltwater taper should be a finalist. The versatile compound design provides enough power to cut through the wind, while retaining a delicate delivery for spooky fish on the flats. Built for a wide range of temperatures and environments, the Mastery Saltwater simply does it all.
• Compound taper turns over big flies • Designed for use in temperate and tropical climates • Two tone for better visibility • Variable head lengths for distance casting and quick shots to passing fish • Small diameter to deal with windy conditions • Tropi-Core technology for tropical climates • SA MS SWT WF X F (X = line weight)

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Grain Weight

200gr/13,0g, 225gr/14,6g, 260gr/16,8g, 305gr/19,8g, 355gr/23,0g, 415gr/26,9g

Head Length

37.5’/11,4m, 40.5'/12,3m

Line Weight

WF-7-F, WF-8-F, WF-9-F, WF-10-F, WF-11-F, WF-12-F

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