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The Mastery Versatile Presentation Taper, or VPT, looks like alphabet soup from afar, but this acronym truly means something. An ideal trout dry-fly line, the VPT features an extended front taper that presents flies delicately and also serves to help perform roll casts and single-handed Spey maneuvers. Try it once and you’ll learn that the VPT is A-OK.
• Perfect for delicate dry-fly fishing • Floating Texture tip for high flotation • Great for roll-casting and soft presentations • Excellent line control in close or at a distance • Braided multifilament core • SA MS VPT WF X F (X = line weight)

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Grain Weight

100gr/6,5g, 120gr/7,8g, 140gr/9,1g, 160gr/10,4g, 80gr/5,2g

Head Length

40.0'/12,2m, 41.5’/12,6m, 42.5'/12,9m, 44.0’/13,4m, 45.0'/13,7m

Line Weight

WF-2-F, WF-3-F, WF-4-F, WF-5-F, WF-6-F

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