SONAR Stillwater Hover

SONAR Stillwater Hover


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One day, long ago, in a kingdom far, far away, we dreamed up
a line that would sink, but not sink too much, one that would
simply hover beneath the surface. Fast forward thousands
of years and the SONAR Stillwater Hover sinking fly line
was born. Built with an extra-slow sink rate, the Hover is
downright nasty when it comes to fishing streamers with a
slow retrieve. It’s a legend, at least in our own minds.
• Designed specifically for the demands of stillwater anglers • Based on popular MPX taper • Overweighted by a full line weight for multiple flies and long leaders • Extra-slow sinking hover (1 ips) for fishing the film • Monofilament core • SA STILLWATER HOVER WF X H (X = line weight)

Additional information

Grain Weight

140gr/9,1g, 160gr/10,4g, 185gr/12,0g, 210gr/13,6g, 240gr/15,6g

Head Length

35.5’/10,8m, 37.5’/11,4m, 39.5'/12,0m, 41.5’/12,6m, 43.5’/13,3m

Line Weight

WF-4-F/H, WF-5-F/H, WF-6-F/H, WF-7-F/H, WF-8-F/H

Total Length



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