SONAR Stillwater Seamless Density

SONAR Stillwater Seamless Density


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The SONAR Stillwater Seamless Density lines are a unique departure from the traditional graduated density lines of years past. With a variety of double-density sinking rates and a smooth, seamless transition between each, the SONAR Stillwater Seamless Density lines provide straightline
connections to subsurface flies, meaning you’re in
control of the fly every second it’s in the water.
• Designed specifically for the demands of stillwater anglers • Based on popular MPX taper • Overweighted by two line weights for multiple flies and long leaders • Features 10-foot and 20-foot textured hang markers • Seamless Density technology provides a smooth transition between densities, eliminates hinging, and provides a straightline connection to the fly • Intermediate/Sink 3: Designed to get under the surface chop, with an intermediate (1.25 ips) running line and Sink 3 head (3.0 ips) • Sink 3/Sink 5: For searching the middle of the water column, with a Sink 3 running line and a Sink 5 (5.0 ips) head • Sink 5/Sink 7: The fastest sinking SD line, with a Sink 5 running line and Sink 7 (7.0 ips) head, designed to dredge the bottom • Monofilament core • SA STILLWATER SD WF X S# S# (X = line weight; # = sink rate)

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Grain Weight

160gr/10,4g, 185gr/12,0g, 210gr/13,6g, 240gr/15,6g, 280gr/18,1g

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Line Weight

WF-4-S, WF-5-S, WF-6-S, WF-7-S, WF-8-S

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